Lady Bird + Screwdriver

Lady Bird packed an emotional mother – daughter punch. It wasn’t a revolutionary script, but I appreciated the drips of nostalgia. It’s a story many of us can relate to: being a chaotic mess while shaping your identity, thinking one or both of your parents is the worst person(s) in the world, only to be humbled during early adulthood. A tale as old as time. Lady Bird was an entertaining modern rendition of this classic principle.

The teenage years are often given a bad rap – for good reason. It’s a messy time. You’re hyper aware of your unique identity, but you’re still sculpting the details. Your parents are catching up – you need their care, but not in the same physical way as a young child. And usually you realize too late, that while you were clawing for independence, you only have a finite time left living with assistance. Lady Bird seamlessly depicts this blotchy time of growth.

The Pairing

Back in high school, a screwdriver was the first cocktail I ever learned how to make. It’s basic, it only requires two ingredients – all important considerations when you’re sneaking drinks while underage and have no idea how to drink. It’s also incredibly easy to get sick off of. I have an image seared in my head from an epic house party in my senior year – you know, the parties you’ll always remember as an icon of your rebellious teenage years?

I can hear “Soulja Boy” blasting over the basement stereo for the first time that night – everyone’s excited to sing a collective banger. There’s a fold up table littered with playing cards and guys sloppily explaining the rules to Kings. You’re pulled to the makeshift beer pong table and win a round, lose the second. You note the guy already staking out his position on the couch, a luxury compared to your lodging for the night : the backseat of your friend’s sedan. There’s some commotion upstairs, which you’re drawn towards. Solo cups litter a soggy table in the kitchen- is THAT what Flip Cup is? You see an escape – it’s summer and the outside porch is aglow with various characters. Suddenly you notice a heaving sound – why is there fluorescent orange pouring by the bucket load out of that guy’s mouth? He’s experiencing the magic of a Screwdriver.

If you’re feeling brave, check out our basic recipe to relive all your high school traumas while watching Lady Bird.

The Screwdriver


  • 1/2 vodka
  • 1/2 orange juice

|Directions| Pour ingredients into a glass and drink.

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