Hangover + Cannabis

I remember the first time I heard alcohol + cannabis were not friends. I was walking with a slow moving freshmen pack during early college when one kid dropped the “big truth”.

“Did you guys know alcohol companies are some of the biggest contributors to anti-weed campaigns?”  They naturally go together, some bud and a beer. I was distraught.

Legalization caught momentum since my freshman year and eight states legalized cannabis for recreational use. We’re heading in the right direction, a Keebler elf or two won’t stop us now. Even Big Alcohol is starting to invest. It’s nice to see the two embracing each other because a dollop of green, a spoonful of hemp seeds, and some comfy clothes pair well to create a happy hangover.


A little hit off a vape can be the savior to guide you through a day of nausea, headaches, and fatigue. If you’re fortunate enough (or responsible enough) to be hungover on a day off of work, then blazing can help you fall into a restful sleep. It also tends to dull pain associated with muscle aches. Finally, the munchies is a stereotype that is happily reported as accurate: weed makes you hungry. It quells nausea and the food pumps vitally lost nutrients into your body. Cannabis can help augment the power your food has to aid you in recovery as well.

Hemp Seeds

I put a few tablespoons in my smoothie every morning. Why? Hemp is the one of the most nutrient dense foods on earth. You can argue if it’s a natural coincidence that hemp’s THC component also happens to be fun and cultivate compassion, but the science does back up the multitude of health benefits from hemp seeds. Manganese, magnesium, iron, and protein are all in heavy supply in a tablespoon of hemp seeds.

Hemp Fiber

Hemp fiber shares many of the same qualities of linen: it’s breathable, it regulates temperature well,  and it’s durable. Additionally, hemp’s growing and harvesting processes are sustainable and healthier than other common fibers like cotton.

Hemp fiber benefits extend to clothing too. Hemp clothing is breathable, antimicrobial, and gets softer every time you wash it. When you’re hungover you sweat more, you want to feel clean, and you want a lush fabric – hemp’s got you covered.

Hemp Extracts

Hemp and cannabis extracts have distinct, earthy flavors, that if paired in harmony, could yield tasty new ways to imbibe. Smell some hops then smell some pot. You’ll notice a lot of similarities in their aromas. They both descend from the same family of flowering plants, Cannabaceae, and share similar terpene profiles (the compounds found in the essential oil of flowers). Only a few brewers are currently trying to concoct this infusion, so it’s unclear how popular and well balanced this style will become.

The Pairing

The next time you drink too much, don’t worry, cannabis can help you through it. A little wake n’ bake, a nutrient dense hemp smoothie, and some plush linens will coddle you toward a triumphant return.

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