Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri + 3 Shots of Whiskey

I expected to hate this movie. The trailers made it look like a bland version of a common “scorned woman becomes hard” plot that I wasn’t clamoring to see. Even the title, with its meandering pretension (just fucking call it Three Billboards!) turned me off. Luckily, I don’t scare off easily because Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (yes it almost killed me to write that whole title out) was a fast-paced ride chock full of ethical nuggets to chew on.

The cinematic embodiment of the phrase “that escalated quickly,” Three Billboards, was never as tedious as its marketing suggested. Two characters would be interacting with mild tension and then all of a sudden, one character has an explosive emotional moment, and you’re left there with your mouth agape wondering what the fuck just happened. These moments kept happening in the film and they all felt natural given the clear, yet complex development of the cast of characters. It made it exciting to keep watching.

The journey was entertaining, but the ending fell a bit flat. It wasn’t terrible and I guess it’s a good sign if viewers are left wanting to see more development of the characters, even if it leaves them unsatisfied.

The Pairing

You’re gonna need about 3 shots of whiskey to steady your nerves through this dramatic tale. Widow Jane pairs well with the callousness of the three protagonists’ decision making. Drink straight out of the bottle if you identify with Mildred, water it down if you can’t take is straight like Dixon, or make a nice drink on the rocks if Willoughby is your man.

|From the distillery| As great whiskey distillers throughout the world — from Kentucky to Scotland — have long known, it takes sweet water from tough rock to make great whiskey. And, that’s what Widow Jane Whiskey is all about.

This 10 year whiskey is aged to perfection. It drinks like a 20 year bourbon with its deep cherry notes and light tannic finish.

Aroma: Butter, Cream, Toffee
Front: Cherry Wood, Olive Oil
Mid: Orange
Finish: Burnt Orange and Spice
After Glow: Light tannic fuzz


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