Call Me By Your Name + Rosé

A vibrant Italian setting and emotional soundtrack combine for a beautifully shot film. With names like Sufjan Stevens and Ryuichi Sakamoto adorning the track list, you know you’re in for a soothing yet heady listen. And that’s how Call Me By Your Name unfolded, a bit dully, but with an intoxicating atmosphere.

It’s refreshing to see alcohol and smoking freely imposed into a film. So often we’re made to feel shame for enjoying a vice, especially us Americans. I’m quite jealous of the European affinity for embracing both the working and leisurely elements in life and that balance is well displayed in Call Me By Your Name. We get a true feast for the eyes: lush Italian landscapes, colorful character wardrobes, and tablescapes bursting with life.

I suppose not every tender tale involving gay men needs to be as deep as Angles in America, but I was not particularly impressed by the tediously drawn out love affair. I would love to see this trend of “every emotional movie needs to run over 2 hours” die. There’s something to be said for brevity, which is elusive to successful writers and directors.

However, the love story that does exist is moving. An impassioned love affair can be felt in different magnitudes by both involved parties. Sometimes love is not always enough. A painful coming of age lesson.

Finally, we need to talk about that peach scene which viscerally captured the feeling of shame. Worth it from a cinematic perspective, though there is little fruit left undefiled by you fruit fucking motherfuckers for us all to enjoy peacefully. First apple pie, then coconuts, now my beloved peaches? Did I miss out by not masturbating into fruit during my sexually formative years?

The Pairing

Call Me By Your Name is a love story and what better way to watch two people fall in love than over a bottle of rosé? The lush flavor will have your body feeling as warm as Elio and Oliver’s passion. If you want to get really excited, make some pasta to enjoy while viewing to give yourself a more immersive experience.

Piccini Memoro Rosato is impressively vibrant for its price (about $12 USD). Dry and medium bodied it hails from Italy and has a glowing rose color.

|From the winery| A blend of four grape varieties from around the country: 40% Negroamaro from Puglia in the south, 30% Nero d’Avola from Sicily, 20% Montepulciano from Abruzzo and 10% Merlot del Veneto from cooler climes in the north.

Light, fresh and bright with raspberry and redcurrant aromas, this is a deliciously balanced rosé with strawberry and red cherry flavours on the palate. Delicious for spring and summer al fresco drinking and perfect matched with poultry or fish.

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