Twin Peaks: The Return + Coffee Beer


There’s no comparison to watching a Lynchian work. I rarely know what the fuck is going on, but I love that everything David Lynch touches feels distinctive. Eau d’Lynch is entrancing, bizarre, and always complex.

Lynch’s work sends you searching online for analysis and trying to make sense of it for days. Did I really just see tiny dancing old people in Muholland Drive? Why are everyone’s vocals hauntingly drawn out in the Black Lodge in Twin Peaks? Media that gets you talking is media at its best.

His ability to unfold stories over intricately constructed seasons decades in the making is unique. The Return has tedious spots, David, seriously stop with the 10 minute scenes of secondary characters sweeping floors. Fortunately, we also get nourishing answers to mysteries and of course, some further theories to explore.

The Pairing

Special Agent Dale Cooper’s coffee obsession never waivers throughout his 25 year stint in the Black Lodge. Or does time pass differently there? You’ll need a drink with a caffeine edge to keep you wired throughout the twists and turns The Return takes. And what better way to honor a small town like Twin Peaks than by finding a delicious beer from a small town brewery?

Punk Rock Freak Show is one of many varietal home runs hit by Chester, New York’s Rushing Duck Brewery. The cherry undertones make it a perfect pairing with Cooper’s beloved cherry pies and a high ABV will keep you open to Lynch’s visual mindfucks. Don’t get too relaxed because if someone asks you “gotta light?” it’s time to run.



|From the brewery| Belgian Strong Ale with Coffee | 8.2% ABV |Punk Rock Freak Show is a Belgian Strong Ale that we boiled for 12 hours to create intense notes of brown sugar and molasses and then added Ethopian Sidamo coffee which has flavors of dark cherry, honey, and chocolate to complement the Belgian yeast strain.

And if you’re ready to go down the theorizing rabbit hole check out Waggish’s in depth take on The Return.

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