Dunkirk + Tropical Rum Grog

I often find war movies tedious. Breaking up depictions of gloomy and depressing landscapes is a tall order for a writer and/or director. Dunkirk is engaging because it flips between three story lines. We’re given a good amount of visual variance while each plot is woven together.

And the ending is satisfying. The world lost between 3-5% of our population during World War II. Churchill’s words are a stirring closer for a moment when the Allies needed continued determination.

Dunkirk didn’t resonate with me as strongly as World War II classic Life is Beautiful, but its cinematography, pacing, musical score, and accurate depiction are all worthy of praise.

The Pairing

Like Dawson sailing his personal boat to help rescue Allies, the French have many stories of civilian bravery. After France surrendered to Germany in 1940, a gang of weinführers took control of French wine production. A pattern became apparent, large orders from the Champagne region coincided with major Nazi initiatives. In advance of Rommel’s North African Campaign, French wine makers were told to prepare the beverage for a hot climate. This intelligence was promptly passed on from the French to the British to give them an edge.

While Champagne is the ultimate celebratory drink, the end of Dunkirk is not the end of the war. There are still years to go for a world in turmoil.

For our pairing we turn to the British Navy for inspiration. Sailors were given daily rum rations that equated to about two shots of rum during World War II (whittled down from an all-time high of about 4.5 shots in the 17th century).

Our cocktail is a nod to the junior sailors who were given their rum in a watered down concoction called grog. It’s tropical, refreshing, and has a slight kick thanks to the ginger and lime. We’re grateful to the soldiers who made enjoying today’s happy pairing a possibility. Cheers to all of the heroes from the Greatest Generation.



Tropical Rum Grog


  • 2 oz rum
  • 10 oz pineapple seltzer water
  • 1 lime, juiced, with a slice reserved for garnish
  • 0.5 inches ginger grated
  • ice


  1. Line a tall glass with ice.
  2. Add rum.
  3. Cut lime into two. Cut a thin ring and reserve. Juice the remaining lime into the glass.
  4. Using a microplane, grate ginger into glass.
  5. Pour pineapple seltzer on top and stir.
  6. Garnish with the reserved lime wedge.



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