International Women’s Day + Cream Ale

Women treated as property, banned from voting, and barred from taking jobs are jarring realities that occurred in the past century and for ages preceding it.  There’s a mood in America that women’s rights are headed in the wrong direction. While the beer industry has certainty had its moments of sexism, today we stop to recognize how far the pendulum has swung in favor of women. There are women brewers, women brewery owners, and most importantly an ever increasing wing of women beer drinkers.

We love seeing the life women beer enthusiasts breathe into the industry and we want more of it. Today we stop to recognize and celebrate the progress women have already made in parity with an eye to the inclusivity we feel is often missing from cultural discourse.

The Pairing

Forgotten Boardwalk is a shining example of a successful endeavor coming to life through the vision of a woman. Founded in 2014 by New Jersey native Jamie Queli, the brewery quickly churned out one of the most iconic Jersey beers. Funnel Cake is a luscious and sessionable cream ale. Saccharine smoothness and a voluptuously light body make for an ale that goes down easy. With juggernauts like Carton’s Regular Coffee, New Jersey is quickly becoming the king queen of cream ales.

We love Queli’s dismissal of using gender as a qualifier. When asked by Heady Times if she found it difficult to break into the industry as a woman, Queli retorted, “I don’t think it was harder to open a brewery as a woman. I think the industry in general is tough to get into.” We love this attitude because it fosters equality, putting female achievements on the same level as male. It’s tough because it’s tough, not because of her gender, and she still fucking rocked the shit out of it.

That equality is echoed in the taproom. “It might … skew a little bit more towards women, but I would say it’s about an even split,” remarked Queli to regarding the brewery’s appearance. Harking further on this revolutionary concept of catering to both genders, aka true equality, Queli told that she hopes her brand “will speak to everybody.” Unsurprisingly, Forgotten Boardwalk is popular with male and female beer enthusiasts alike.

There’s no doubt the craft beer industry is dominated by men. So what can you do to help? Keep buying excellent craft beer. For many craft beer mavens they simply want to be treated like everyone else. And for the ones who want to delve into the issues associated with sexism, may we suggest a beer to foster open conversation? Our favorite aspect of the craft beer industry is the ability to break down barriers between people of differing backgrounds.

So on this International Women’s Day we raise our glasses too all women: the loud, the quiet, the brave, the meek, the eccentric, and the traditional and we open our table to all genders. May we celebrate the ferocity of women together!

|From the brewery| Cream Ale|5.5% ABV|Creamy and smooth with hints of vanilla. Made with lactose (milk sugar), and real Madagascar Vanilla Beans.


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