Love + Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today we mourn the passing of Love, the most addicting dramedy to ever grace Netflix.

R.I.P. 2016 – 2018

In Love we have nice guy Gus, who is uncomfortably clueless about his social awkwardness. And we have tough girl Mimi-Rose Mickey who can’t have any spiritual growth spurt without the prerequisite of a loud emotional outburst. Their dynamic plays with this balance between societal niceties and individual authenticity. And that’s how the best romantic relationships develop: a balance between two people that hopefully creates a strong and positive mixture.

Where this series shines is character development. When Gus and Mickey fight, it makes sense. When they make up, it makes sense. Love doesn’t pass through mundane relationship conflict, the story embraces it.

At the end we are given the promise of hope. Gus doesn’t sell a script, but he gets an opportunity to write for a show. Mickey isn’t jetting off to Pilates every morning and she still enjoys her tobacco, but she isn’t using drugs or alcohol recklessly and her job is progressing. Gus and Mickey are committed to growing together. A solid and relatable finale for a show deserving of a satisfying conclusion.

The Pairing

Love encompasses gritty character development, but it is also focused on the purest human emotion, love. Scent is strongly paired with emotion. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies are one of the most authentic smells of warmth, coziness, and love. They’re easy enough to make with a baking inept significant other and their ooey goodness wraps you in a loving embrace if you make them alone.

If you like them soft and gooey check out Grandbaby Cakes’ quintessential recipe. Simple to follow and worth the extra effort of making the delectable cookies from scratch. This recipe will give you a big enough batch to last through an entire binge-watch session of Love.


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