The Killing of a Sacred Deer + Jäger Bomb

The Killing of a Sacred Deer is deeply unsettling. The film pulls at the deep philosophical conundrums of life by placing the protagonist in an unwinnable situation. Don’t expect it to give you any answers to the questions it raises, but what it will give you is a night of insomnia.

Murphy home interior. Source: IMDB

The Murphy’s house goes underappreciated by many reviewers. Can we talk about the beautiful stone construction? The federal colonial home with curving wing corridors produces a cozy courtyard entrance. The outdoor lighting is perfection with warming hues. Past the statement spiral staircase and glistening hardwood floors is a bright and enormous sunroom. The backyard opens to a lively terrace, where I’d be sipping copious bottles of wine to handle the anxiety Martin would give me.

Murphy home exterior. Source: IMDB

The house is the content of dreams, while the plot is the creation of nightmares. The film generates a strong reaction of disgust and fear.

The cinematography stands out since there are very few stabilized shots. The camera is either panning inward, inducing anxiety or panning out, generating a sense of relief. Unlike a found footage film, it’s guided on a track and has a smooth, not shaky feel. The result is an engrossing visual spectacle that you can’t pull your mind away from.

Had this film steeped itself further into the dark comedy genre it may have performed better. The best moment is surely when Kim nonchalantly exclaims “Dad, Bob’s dying!”

Instead we get a visually striking psychological thriller with lazy writing. Was it science or a curse? If the screenwriter can’t generate the answer than neither should you! Unfinished characters were introduced not for style, but because the writing was obsessed with the notion of just deserts. It’s fine to introduce themes to chew on, but I want to know why the film was created. I found no clear thesis. Did you?

The Pairing

We’re doing a Jäger Bomb with this film for a terrible reason: the kids keep dropping on the floor. It’s so ridiculous that it’s comical.

The extreme sense of anxiety is highlighted by the taurine in Red Bull. You too can simulate the uneasiness of choosing who in your family must die with the heart palpitations the drink generates. And if you end up in the hospital due to heart arrhythmia, just be sure you have a creepy son to seek “depraved vengeance” should you die on the operating table.

Jäger Bomb


  • 6 oz Red Bull
  • 1 shot Jäger


  1. Pour the Red Bull into a pint glass.
  2. Drop a shot glass full of Jäger into the glass and chug quickly.
  3. Enjoy your heart racing for the next 12 hours.

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