Sundays + Hydration

We're not gonna give you the bullshit condescending line of "the best way to prevent a hangover is by not drinking." You don't need that negativity in your life. If you're looking up how to hydrate after a hangover you already made your decision to imbibe and we're not here to judge you. Happy Pairings exist … Continue reading Sundays + Hydration

Hangover + Cannabis

I remember the first time I heard alcohol + cannabis were not friends. I was walking with a slow moving freshmen pack during early college when one kid dropped the “big truth”. “Did you guys know alcohol companies are some of the biggest contributors to anti-weed campaigns?”  They naturally go together, some bud and a … Continue reading Hangover + Cannabis

Craft Beer + Community

The craft beer movement marks one of the few times in US history the market flowed back downstream. Craft beer is the poster child for the true American dream. It’s bringing employment and hope to rural communities. Craft beer continues the great American traditions of innovation, hard work, and tenacity. A Brief History The 18th … Continue reading Craft Beer + Community