The Shining + Redrum Gin Martini

Stanley Kubrick changed a fundamental element in Jack Torrance's personality for his screen adaption of The Shining¬†: the man's preferred drink. Bourbon on the rocks is a solid go-to drink, however, in Stephen King's mind Torrance was a martini guy. In both renditions Torrance gave up drinking. For those who love a stiff cocktail,¬†The Shining … Continue reading The Shining + Redrum Gin Martini

Dunkirk + Tropical Rum Grog

I often find war movies tedious. Breaking up depictions of gloomy and depressing landscapes is a tall order for a writer and/or director. Dunkirk is engaging because it flips between three story lines. We're given a good amount of visual variance while each plot is woven together. And the ending is satisfying. The world lost … Continue reading Dunkirk + Tropical Rum Grog

Presidents Day + Fixed Old Fashioned

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States and one of the few politicians who strove to keep his campaigned agenda. A true social liberal, FDR worked to ensure a tight social safety net and a return to letting people do what they damned well pleased in their own homes as long … Continue reading Presidents Day + Fixed Old Fashioned

Clementine Gose + Bourbon

The Pairing Noah's Mill is a lushly delicious high alcohol bourbon (57.1% ABV) dripping in a nutty and caramelly aroma. It's decadent layers are released with a gentle one hour aeration. Certainly a fine bourbon on its own. We like to get excited at happy pairings and one way to take this bourbon to the … Continue reading Clementine Gose + Bourbon