The Shining + Redrum Gin Martini

Stanley Kubrick changed a fundamental element in Jack Torrance's personality for his screen adaption of The Shining¬†: the man's preferred drink. Bourbon on the rocks is a solid go-to drink, however, in Stephen King's mind Torrance was a martini guy. In both renditions Torrance gave up drinking. For those who love a stiff cocktail,¬†The Shining … Continue reading The Shining + Redrum Gin Martini

The Handmaid’s Tale + A Blessed Evening

  Blessed Evening Recipe [Ingredients] 1/2 blood orange, juiced 1 lime, juiced 1.5 oz shot gin 5 fresh mint leaves 5 oz seltzer water [Directions] Muddle the mint. Add Gin and fruit juices. Shake. Top with seltzer. Praise be you don't live in Gilead!

Your Friend’s Engagement + Sparkling Gin Dreamer

On Sunday night my best friend got engaged! This explosion of love ushered in the first truly springlike morning in Northeast America. The sun hit me in the face with its rays and I actually heard birds chirping. Watch out Cinderella. I am pumped for a year plus of gazing at all of her beautiful … Continue reading Your Friend’s Engagement + Sparkling Gin Dreamer

Dunkirk + Tropical Rum Grog

I often find war movies tedious. Breaking up depictions of gloomy and depressing landscapes is a tall order for a writer and/or director. Dunkirk is engaging because it flips between three story lines. We're given a good amount of visual variance while each plot is woven together. And the ending is satisfying. The world lost … Continue reading Dunkirk + Tropical Rum Grog

Presidents Day + Fixed Old Fashioned

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States and one of the few politicians who strove to keep his campaigned agenda. A true social liberal, FDR worked to ensure a tight social safety net and a return to letting people do what they damned well pleased in their own homes as long … Continue reading Presidents Day + Fixed Old Fashioned

Clementine Gose + Bourbon

The Pairing Noah's Mill is a lushly delicious high alcohol bourbon (57.1% ABV) dripping in a nutty and caramelly aroma. It's decadent layers are released with a gentle one hour aeration. Certainly a fine bourbon on its own. We like to get excited at happy pairings and one way to take this bourbon to the … Continue reading Clementine Gose + Bourbon