The Handmaid’s Tale + A Blessed Evening

  Blessed Evening Recipe [Ingredients] 1/2 blood orange, juiced 1 lime, juiced 1.5 oz shot gin 5 fresh mint leaves 5 oz seltzer water [Directions] Muddle the mint. Add Gin and fruit juices. Shake. Top with seltzer. Praise be you don't live in Gilead!


Roseanne + PBR

A Tuned Out Nation Creates a Cultural Crisis When you become a keyboard warrior it's inevitable you'll get lost in your own arrogance. But what happens in the real world when you disagree? Are you willing to call your own dad a Nazi and cut off your relationship because he voted for Trump? Would you … Continue reading Roseanne + PBR

The Ultimate Vanderpump Rules Cast Drink Pairing Guide

Our beloved cast of borderline alcoholics are finally getting the attention they deserve. Vanderpump Rules exploded in popularity this season. You no longer need to hide your guilty pleasure from co-workers and friends. We couldn't pick just one drink for this bar loving cast, so we made a guide for them all. Choose your favorite … Continue reading The Ultimate Vanderpump Rules Cast Drink Pairing Guide

Love + Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today we mourn the passing of Love, the most addicting dramedy to ever grace Netflix. Love R.I.P. 2016 - 2018 In 2012 it was terrifying to find Judd Apatow's This Is 40 to be so relatable; I was 22. Fortunately for my intense aging anxiety (aging is better than the alternative), Love hit me even harder. … Continue reading Love + Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crashing + Black & Tan

Judd Apatow continues to farm highly relatable comedic talent in Pete Holmes. For the past two seasons Pete's eponymous protagonist struggles to reconcile his faith with modern society, reality, and his dream of becoming a comedian. What makes Crashing stand out from Apatow's other HBO series Girls, is the focus on comedy as religion. Legendary comics … Continue reading Crashing + Black & Tan

Everything Sucks! + Cheap Vodka Straight

If Steve Brule and Stranger Things had a lovechild you'd have the socially awkward acting and deep nostalgic atmosphere of Everything Sucks! The series struggles to find a clear tone until a few episodes into the show's ten episode premiere run, but once it gets rolling, it's a fast binge-watch until the end. We get 90s fashion, … Continue reading Everything Sucks! + Cheap Vodka Straight

Twin Peaks: The Return + Coffee Beer

  There's no comparison to watching a Lynchian work. I rarely know what the fuck is going on, but I love that everything David Lynch touches feels distinctive. Eau d'Lynch is entrancing, bizarre, and always complex. Lynch's work sends you searching online for analysis and trying to make sense of it for days. Did I … Continue reading Twin Peaks: The Return + Coffee Beer