Roseanne + PBR

A Tuned Out Nation Creates a Cultural Crisis When you become a keyboard warrior it's inevitable you'll get lost in your own arrogance. But what happens in the real world when you disagree? Are you willing to call your own dad a Nazi and cut off your relationship because he voted for Trump? Would you … Continue reading Roseanne + PBR


Crashing + Black & Tan

Judd Apatow continues to farm highly relatable comedic talent in Pete Holmes. For the past two seasons Pete's eponymous protagonist struggles to reconcile his faith with modern society, reality, and his dream of becoming a comedian. What makes Crashing stand out from Apatow's other HBO series Girls, is the focus on comedy as religion. Legendary comics … Continue reading Crashing + Black & Tan

International Women’s Day + Cream Ale

Women treated as property, banned from voting, and barred from taking jobs are jarring realities that occurred in the past century and for ages preceding it.  There's a mood in America that women's rights are headed in the wrong direction. While the beer industry has certainty had its moments of sexism, today we stop to … Continue reading International Women’s Day + Cream Ale

National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day + Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter

My love for peanut butter is intense. I have a filling peanut butter smoothie every single morning which is so thiccc it's pretty much a milkshake. What a way to wake up, no wonder I'm always ready for a happy pairing! I passed this love for peanut butter onto the spark of my life, my … Continue reading National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day + Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter

Twin Peaks: The Return + Coffee Beer

  There's no comparison to watching a Lynchian work. I rarely know what the fuck is going on, but I love that everything David Lynch touches feels distinctive. Eau d'Lynch is entrancing, bizarre, and always complex. Lynch's work sends you searching online for analysis and trying to make sense of it for days. Did I … Continue reading Twin Peaks: The Return + Coffee Beer

The End Of The F***ing World + An English Pale Ale

I had high hopes from the start considering the series title uses profanity and they utilized that guy (Alex Lawther) from Black Mirror. Would this be an overly edgy teen drama? Fuck no, it's a beautifully strange yet relatable coming of age series.  We're taken on an intense ride through the minds of two obnoxious, but … Continue reading The End Of The F***ing World + An English Pale Ale

Clementine Gose + Bourbon

The Pairing Noah's Mill is a lushly delicious high alcohol bourbon (57.1% ABV) dripping in a nutty and caramelly aroma. It's decadent layers are released with a gentle one hour aeration. Certainly a fine bourbon on its own. We like to get excited at happy pairings and one way to take this bourbon to the … Continue reading Clementine Gose + Bourbon