Sleepy Zuhoski – “Daydream”

"Daydream" is a catchy ethereal soundscape with vocals that hover between folk and pop. The mindlessly fluid progression reminds fondly of Weezer's "Island in the Sun" and is the sonic embodiment of the track's lyrics "we should take a trip / and melt away our brains today". Sunny guitar chords and relaxed percussion create an … Continue reading Sleepy Zuhoski – “Daydream”


unfalter – “in your life”

Dallas, Texas graces us with effervescent dream pop talent in Noah Irvin, known musically as unfalter: "unfalter is an experiment conducted entirely in my small apartment. It is the product of roughly 6 months of writing songs while laying down the tracks that eventually became the album that you hear now. It is a brief … Continue reading unfalter – “in your life”

Show Clothes & Gavriella – “In My Dreams”

  Show Clothes' soothing synths, laid-back primary beat, and vibrant string work combine to create a whimsical atmosphere that transports you to a place where life has less clutter and more space for imagination. Gavriella's soulful vocals build slowly and float like a bluebird migrating north upon the arrival of spring. The lush soundscape falls … Continue reading Show Clothes & Gavriella – “In My Dreams”

Wild Year – “Meanwhile…(Little Spark)”

Dreamy guitar chords, entrancing synths, and reflective vocals combine for an atmosphere dripping in melancholic nostalgia. Created as a tribute to Laura Palmer, "Meanwhile...(Little Spark)" sounds like a tune we'd hear at The Roadhouse in Twin Peaks. Wild Year's soft soundscape floats in like a dream and ends just as peacefully. Listen if you like: … Continue reading Wild Year – “Meanwhile…(Little Spark)”

Hibou – “Junipero Love”

Shimmering and smooth flowing guitar melodies propel a nostalgically new track forward. A lush synth atmosphere highlights an '80s inspired dream pop soundscape that's intoxicating.  A nod to one of Black Mirror's most iconic episodes, "Junipero Love" is as tender as its inspiration. Full album drops on March 2nd. Listen if you like : Belle … Continue reading Hibou – “Junipero Love”