The Shining + Redrum Gin Martini

Stanley Kubrick changed a fundamental element in Jack Torrance's personality for his screen adaption of The Shining¬†: the man's preferred drink. Bourbon on the rocks is a solid go-to drink, however, in Stephen King's mind Torrance was a martini guy. In both renditions Torrance gave up drinking. For those who love a stiff cocktail,¬†The Shining … Continue reading The Shining + Redrum Gin Martini


Get Out + Champagne

You know a picture is going to be good when it starts with an eargasm like "Redbone" by Childish Gambino. I was hooked instantly. Few films lead me to repeat watches and the majority of those films are pure comedies. Get Out is relevant, it's terrifying, and it's perfectly peppered with comedic breaks. I am … Continue reading Get Out + Champagne