Carter Vail – “Melatonin”

"Melatonin" opens with a lushly calming build that evokes euphoria throughout the 5 minute track. Listening through layers of guitar, low-humming synths, twinkling keys, and subdued vocals is the auditory embodiment of walking through a lively garden on a sunny June afternoon. Carter Vail's melody fills up the soundscape's vast space while not obscuring it's … Continue reading Carter Vail – “Melatonin”


Pelicat – “Tell Me I’m Wrong”

Jangly guitars set the stage for suave and effervescent vocals that remind fondly of Little Joy's delightful pop melodies. Pelicat's "Tell Me I'm Wrong" follows a continuous progression that makes way for a lovable fuzz transition at the 2 minute mark. The track is the perfect pick-me-up for a Monday stuck in monotony. Listen if … Continue reading Pelicat – “Tell Me I’m Wrong”

Bobby Baritone – “Shaving Private Ryan”

You know a track is worth a listen when its title is a pun and Bobby Baritone's "Shaving Private Ryan" is no exception. Angsty lyrics are offset by a chilled out guitar propelled progression, complete with a strong drive toward the track's finale. Captivating and emotive vocals guide you through a ballad you'll want to … Continue reading Bobby Baritone – “Shaving Private Ryan”

Matthew Francis – “Echoes”

Twangy and crooning guitar chords usher in "Echoes" like a soft wave breaking on a seabed. Matthew Francis's hazy, lazy atmospheric progressions remind me of Mac Demarco's compositions that hover between rock, folk, and soft psych. The result is a lightly lush soundscape, ethereally entrancing with welcome meandering.¬†Warming and effortlessly flowing vocal melodies remind me … Continue reading Matthew Francis – “Echoes”

Evan Wright – “Something Here is Wrong”

Evan Wright brings us wispy vocals strikingly reminiscent of Elliott Smith. His contemplative warming melodies are paired with minimal acoustic atmospheres rich in texture. With effortlessly crunchy slide guitar grooves and softly ambling drums, "Something Here is Wrong" has a slowly evolving structure that's meditative though not mundane. Listen if you like: Elliott Smith, Girls, … Continue reading Evan Wright – “Something Here is Wrong”

Stello – “Even If I Don’t

Stello's sultry and creamy vocal melody glides effortlessly in an entrancing embrace on "Even If I Don't". Laid back drums give the track its easy to get lost in pacing. Just when you think you're hovering toward the end of the soundscape's eclipse a striking synth solo at 2:35 lovingly jars the track back to … Continue reading Stello – “Even If I Don’t

pkwy – “Come On Baby, Let’s Go”

  If you've ever lived in a big city, you likely know the gritty hopelessness of feeling like a lost soul. L.A. born and raised, pkwy's "Come On Baby, Let's Go" is drenched in a distinctive dreamlike lo-fi atmosphere. Screw up that audition that was supposed to be your big break? Lose your job? Just … Continue reading pkwy – “Come On Baby, Let’s Go”