Banana Cream – “Pair-o-dice”

"Pair-o-dice" is hazy summer bedroom pop straight from L.A. artist Banana Cream. A soothing bass line lethargically guides you through the track's lush folds and twists. Twinkling guitar locks you in a hypnotic daze. The weightless atmosphere feels like you're cradled in clouds taking you on a euphoric trip. Soft, buttery, milky, "Pair-o-dice" is as … Continue reading Banana Cream – “Pair-o-dice”

pkwy – “Come On Baby, Let’s Go”

  If you've ever lived in a big city, you likely know the gritty hopelessness of feeling like a lost soul. L.A. born and raised, pkwy's "Come On Baby, Let's Go" is drenched in a distinctive dreamlike lo-fi atmosphere. Screw up that audition that was supposed to be your big break? Lose your job? Just … Continue reading pkwy – “Come On Baby, Let’s Go”