The Haunting of Hill House + Bent-Neck Lady Tea

Netflix continues to up its production game with The Haunting of Hill House. If you're looking for a spooky show based in terror, with a strong dramatic narrative, you'll be hard pressed to find a better alternative. Well-developed, broken characters compliment a script that ties up its loose ends. The show's iconic Bent-Neck Lady threads … Continue reading The Haunting of Hill House + Bent-Neck Lady Tea

Love + Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today we mourn the passing of Love, the most addicting dramedy to ever grace Netflix. Love R.I.P. 2016 - 2018 In Love we have nice guy Gus, who is uncomfortably clueless about his social awkwardness. And we have tough girl Mimi-Rose Mickey who can't have any spiritual growth spurt without the prerequisite of a loud … Continue reading Love + Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everything Sucks! + Cheap Vodka Straight

If Steve Brule and Stranger Things had a lovechild you'd have the socially awkward acting and deep nostalgic atmosphere of Everything Sucks! The series struggles to find a clear tone until a few episodes into the show's ten episode premiere run, but once it gets rolling, it's a fast binge-watch until the end. We get 90s fashion, … Continue reading Everything Sucks! + Cheap Vodka Straight

The End Of The F***ing World + An English Pale Ale

I had high hopes from the start considering the series title uses profanity and they utilized that guy (Alex Lawther) from Black Mirror. Would this be an overly edgy teen drama? Fuck no, it's a beautifully strange yet relatable coming of age series.  We're taken on an intense ride through the minds of two obnoxious, but … Continue reading The End Of The F***ing World + An English Pale Ale